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Bestowment to nature!  A strong nature lover finding the root cause for sustainable energy to replace the plastics is the key focus of our research. Our ancestors have blessed us with the natural way of getting civilized. We tried to refine the process in a better way to create Olive Bio Products. The secret behind generations!

Ancestors were using the Areca leaf and betel leaf thatched across sticks for plates and cups. They were using the agricultural wastes to create a renewable energy production from wood to earthen pots, leaves, and barks. We just gave a rethink on innovation to create the Olive Bio Products. Innovation on agricultural wastes!

The betel plants and palm trees have the tendency to grow in dry climates with minimal water and on hilly regions. We collected the shed leaves of such plants and trees. Preserved in natural form to clean and dry; dried up leaves are then pressed to form desired shapes. The entire process from cultivation to end eco-friendly product does not involve any pesticide or chemical processing. The real renewable source!

Olive Bio Products manufactures and exports the eco-friendly areca plates and areca cups in forms of biodegradable plates, areca leaf plates, areca leaf disposable plates, bio plates, Palm plates, disposable plates, areca nut plates, areca bowls, and disposable utensils. Olive Bio Products are microwaveable and leak proof. Every bio product is enriched to retain its durability and sustainability with natural moisture and governance. Olives, in turn, helps to get decomposed in natural form. The personal touch in every product!

Unique properties

  • One hundred percent biodegradable and compostable
  • Oven safe and Freezer safe
  • Leak proof, good to hold both hot and cold liquids
  • No emission of chemical reactions on contact with food products
  • Absence of E-coli and fungus
  • Every consignment ensures quality testing with a lack of heavy metals within
  • Every product undergoes compostable testing before packing


Olive Bio Products the best product to replace the plastics, steering the eco-friendly biodegradable products.


Focus on continuous research and development on the effective standards to implement eco-friendly products globally with cost-effectiveness.