The Manufacturing process of Olive Bio Products

Olive Bio Products are manufactured from the renewable agricultural wastes. The sheaths of Areca leaf are preserved, cleaned and heat pressed with olives to form the desired base shapes of Areca leaf products. The process involves 100% renewable energy and 0% chemical. The end products are quality tested for food safety and 100% recyclable. The Olive Bio Products are the gift from Mother Nature for preserving nature!

We are manufacturing and exporting the various forms of Olive Bio Products with the help of Areca leaf. The dedicated team with reliability and quality is the major strength of our products. We create a less carbon waste that preserves nature in its forms. Olive Bio Products are eco-friendly and recyclable compared to the other market products on alternatives of plastics. Join us in the great mission of creating an eco-friendly environment. Olive Bio Products on the great mission of renewable energy!