Why Olive

Why Olive Bio Products?

  • Quality assurance and filtering occurs at every stage of the process from
    • Leaf Selection
    • Washing
    • Pre machine feed
    • Post machine pressing
    • Trimming
    • Cleaning
    • Pre-packing
    • Delivery
  • Microbiological testing to ensure food safety that the end product is free from micro-organisms
  • Every Olive Bio Product is safe for food products as the traces of heavy metals Iron, Lead, Copper, Zinc, and Aluminum Phosphates is below the detectable level
  • Sensory and migration test assures that as per EC No. 1935/2004 the Olive Bio Products are fit to use for both liquid and dry food items
  • ASTM D6868-03, ASTM D6400-04, ASTM D5988-03, ASTM D5338-98 tests on biodegradability and compostable to accredit the eco-friendly products
  • Every Olive Bio Products are quality tested to retain its uniqueness on food safety and eco-friendly product

Product comparisons with market trends

  • Areca Leaf products are naturally degradable in the soil within 60 days of disposal whereas bamboo products are degradable only after burning. Plastic, paper products are non-biodegradable and cane products will take 3-7 months’ time.
  • Manufacturing wastes of Areca sheaths are used for vermin compost, dry fodder for animals, and biofuels. Hence, it is completely compostable.
  • Raw materials for manufacturing the areca leaf products are procured as a renewable source collected through fallen dry leaves whereas other market products like bamboo, plastic, paper, and cane are procured by either depleting the natural resource or by chemical processes.
  • The presence of unique inbuilt natural thermal protection helps to maintain the shape and size of areca leaf products whereas other market products are chemically treated or wax coated to withstand the thermal resistance.
  • Areca leaf products are oven safe and microwaveable whereas other products are either microwaveable or oven safe. Other products have the hazard of mixing up with the food due to its chemically treated base products.